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litary instead of a purely defensive force. Klingner said Washington would like to see Japan assume " greater responsibilities" to cope with rising security threats in the region,


nal community over the Islamic Republic's nuclear issue and push for a much-discussed proposal that would allow Iran to exchange its slightly enriched uranium for fuel necessary f.


omplete compilation of scientific data to date, including over 950 sources of information, published papers, numerous technical reports, information from stakeholders and peer- r.


n yet another protest against the Workers' Party, to which she is affiliated, saying that protest is a part of democracy and something that must be respected. On Tuesday evening, R.


k power in 2006. "We hope to encourage cooperative activity and peaceful transit and peaceful development within the broader region outside our sovereign territory," he told Xinhu.

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d brochures, and on-site interpreters, Sectur said. So far, a pilot program has been tested in the capital Mexico City, the Caribbean resort of Cancun, and the northern cities of .

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nment will be increased. WASHINGTON, Nov. 7 (Xinhua) -- The White House said on Monday that focus on the Asia-Pacific region reflects President Barack Obama's commitment to U.S.' .

sailors of the dhow Faize Osamani were returned to their vessel, and the Omani warship transported their lost shipmate's body to shore. The suspected pirates were transferred to t.

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