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and Goose Bay; and Canadian Coast Guard Ships CCGS Des Groseilliers and CCGS Henry Larsen. Canada has also invited the American naval destroyer USS Porter from the United States Se


t woke up this morning with a slight infection in his throat, therefore doctors recommended a complete rest of his voice," Izarra told local media. Chavez would stay at home until .


rities had subjected Khadr to sleep deprivation. His transfer to Canada on Saturday "ends one of the ugliest chapters in the decade-long history of Guantanamo," said Baher Azmy, le.


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e workers spent last week in training for various scenarios that could occur in the mine. They went through underground sessions using protective gear and air-breathing units, th.

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legitimate to Wisconsin voters, and the governor will be allowed to finish his term set to end in 2014. Addressing a jubilant crowd of supporters in Waukesha, Walker spoke of the .

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estimate of the most likely date by which the relief well will intercept the MC252 well annulus." The removal of the BOP was in question earlier this week because of the unknown st.

hold periodical meetings to coordinate on technical and operation issues for their mutual benefit. It also ratified operations of Brazil's unmanned aerial vehicles along the two c.

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